Monday, 10 December 2012

Testing, testing... post #1 of many


"This blog is an outside for my insides, a way to bring focus & organization to the ridiculous amount of ideas racing through my head on a daily basis. Here's to hoping that through the personal and factual information in my posts I can raise awareness, fight the stigma of mental illness & have a little FUN along the way"

 I have Bipolar Disorder ( I )  & until being diagnosed, never knew too much about it. Like a lot of people I'd throw around the term "bipolar" to describe anything or anyone that was up & down, ignorant to the fact that my words could've hurt people who are directly or indirectly effected by Bipolar.

Listening to & writing music is something I simply couldn't do without, I'm sure many future posts will feature related vids like this one, so talented.

To learn more about Bipolar and my personal experiences with it check out the "about Bipolar" tab above. To see me inside out & how I cope through creativity, give the "outlet" tab a click!

Feel free to share personal anecdotes, related info & especially any information that opposes or clarifies the content in my posts.

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