Monday, 25 February 2013

Eunoia- A Well Mind

From Ancient Greek εὔνοια 

What is "beautiful thinking"?

To me, its solidifying every thought with kindness and compassion. Ridding yourself of the harsh judgements passing through the grey matter between your ears; this also means not judging any negative thoughts that may pass, rather reevaluating them. Beautiful thinking is a promise to yourself, to better yourself and appreciate the life that surrounds you, whether it be good or bad.

Completely attainable right?
Haha, perhaps not.

At least for me.

My mind is unwell, this could be a result of Bipolar or my choosing to remain in negative opinion toward myself. Most likely its a combination of the two. To start to change my thinking - and I say "start" because it isn't just a switch to be turned on/off, its a daily commitment - I can focus first on beautifully thinking about others and everything around me, accepting things for what they are and making positive changes to the things I can.

I think many minds are unwell. There is so much stress in the lighting fast world we exist in, that for the most part existing is all we do. I read a book on mindfulness by Jon Kabat Zin and if I could pick out the most important, eye-opening bit it would be--
the realization that we are no longer human beings, rather that we are human doings.
Beautiful thinking transcends this, it has the ability to return you to being--truly experiencing things as they happen, instead of merely doing, from sun up to sun down the mindless tasks required of you.

I wish for my mind to be well, I wish to think only with kindness -- especially toward myself -- I wish to be rather than do.

Unfortunately a star is just a ball of helium and hydrogen held together by gravity and does not grant wishes...

So I guess I'd better get to work, or find a genie-- although I hear those are hard to come by!

Promise to yourself to work toward achieving eunoia in your life.

I will too.

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